Deceased American Physicians 1907-1929

Name:John W. Hewatt
Birth Date:24 Jul 1871
Birth Place:Green Bush, GA
Death Date:29 Apr 1907
Death Place:Hood, TX
Type Practice:Allopath
Practice Specialties:Hood, TX, 1897
Practice Dates Places:Hood, TX, 1897
Medical School:Chattanooga Medical College, 1897, (G)
Education:Common school
Death Notice Info:Ft. Worth, TX, Dec 23, 1949, Dr. J.W. Hewatt, Jr

Name:W. M. Burger
Death Date:31 Dec 1929
Death Place:Tolar, TX
Type Practice:Allopath
Comment Death Date:This is an approximation of the individual’s death date.

Name:Robert H. Ryburn
Birth Date:1872
Birth Place:Cresson, TX
Death Date:5 Aug 1927
Death Place:Dillon, MT
Type Practice:Allopath
Practice Specialties:Bannock, MT, 1896, Dillon, MT, Aug 16, 1915
Licenses:MT, 1900
Practice Dates Places:Bannock, MT, 1896, Dillon, MT, Aug 16, 1915
Medical School:University Medical College of Kansas City, Kansas City, 1896, (G)
Education:A & M Coll. of Tex
Death Notice Info:Dillon, MT, May 6, 1929, M. A. Walker
Cause of Death:suicide, gunshot

Name:Evalyn L. Menefee
Birth Date:1853
Birth Place:TX
Death Date:9 Apr 1929
Death Place:Muleshoe, TX
Type Practice:Allopath
Practice Specialties:Granbury, TX, 1885
Licenses:TX, 1907
Practice Dates Places:Granbury, TX, 1885
Medical School:Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans: Univ. of LA Med. Dept., 1885, (G)
Education:Common school
Death Notice Info:Granbury, TX, Dec 30, 1933, Sam G. Menefee

Name:William Samuel Walker
Birth Date:26 Jul 1865
Birth Place:Dover, TN
Death Date:3 Feb 1918
Death Place:Denver, CO
Type Practice:Allopath
Practice Specialties:Ft. Worth, TX, 1890, Granbury, TX, 1909
Licenses:TN, 1890, TX, 1892
Practice Dates Places:Ft. Worth, TX, 1890, Granbury, TX, 1909
Medical School:Kentucky School of Medicine, Louisville: Transylvania University Medical Department, 1890, (G)
Education:Dover High School

Name:James Bartice Philley
Death Date:5 Apr 1912
Death Place:Granbury, TX
Cause of Death:Gunshot wound in neck emerging at top of head
Type Practice:Allopath
JAMA Citation:58:1297

Name:John W. McFall
Birth Date:14 Jun 1854
Birth Place:Centre Point
Death Date:5 Jun 1920
Death Place:Lipan, TX
Type Practice:Allopath
Practice Specialties:Lipan, TX, 1892
Licenses:TX, 1907
Practice Dates Places:Lipan, TX, 1892
Medical School:St. Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons, St. Louis: Mo. Coll. of Med. & Science, 1892, (G)
Education:Common school

Name:Aaron B. McCallon
Birth Date:1878
Death Date:24 Sep 1915
Death Place:Cresson, TX
Type Practice:Allopath
Medical School:College of Physicians and Surgeons, Dallas, 1907, (G)
JAMA Citation:65:2183
Cause of Death:killed, gunshot

Name:James Robert Lancaster
Birth Date:31 Dec 1847
Birth Place:Franklin, GA
Death Date:3 Nov 1919
Death Place:Granbury, TX
Type Practice:Allopath
Practice Specialities:Granbury, TX, 1876
Practice Dates Places:Granbury, TX, 1876
Medical School:University of Louisville School of Medicine, Louisville: Hosp. Med. Coll. of Louisville, 1876, (G)
Education:Common schools
JAMA Citation:73:1715

Name:E. A. Hannaford
Death Date:1915
Death Place:Granbury, TX
Type Practice:Allopath
Death Notice Info:Nov 17, 1915

Name:Robert B. Dunn
Death Date:1 Dec 1913
Death Place:Tolar, TX
Type Practice:Allopath
Practice Specialities:Tolar, TX, Dec 12, 1912
Practice Dates Places:Tolar, TX, Dec 12, 1912