Death Records

Hood County, Texas Death Records


Death records become open after twenty-five years. Indexes for open records years are referred to as general indexes and indexes for years which are not yet open to the public are called summary indexes.

These files should only be used as guides for ordering copies of the originals from the Texas State Health Department. Transcription and typographical errors are possible.

1880 Mortality Schedule

NameAge At
Last Birthday
SexRaceMarital StatusPlace of BirthMonth DiedCause of DeathAttending
LANGSTON, Mollie1FTexasFebPneumoniaDr. Murray
COOK, Belle 21FSingleIndianaMayConsumptionDr. Hanna
McELREATH, Minn B.2FTexasMarchAccidentally ShotDr. McCoy & Hanna
SHAW, Ami E.36FMarriedSouth CarolinaJuneHemorrhage Dr. Hanna
McKINNEY, Mary A.84FWidowNorth CarolinaOctParalyzedno Doctor
KNEPPER, Geo 21MSingleTennesseeMayPolypus of EarDr. Magness
JONES, Sue35FMarriedSouth CarolinaFebDropsy of ChestDr. Hanna
LOWE, Theria34FMarriedGeorgiaJuneHeart DiseaseDr. Hanna
FAULKNER, Perry2 monthsMTexasJuneFluxDr. Hanna
JARRELL, Uria F.3 monthsMTexasJuneBlack VomitDr. Johnson
PRESTAGE, Safrona7FTexasNovInflammation of Brain Dr. McCoy
HAMMOCK, Elija63MMarriedGeorgiaJuneCongestion of StomachDr. Hanna
GREEN, Melvina39FMarriedMissouriMarchDropsy of HeartDr. Hanna
FLEMING, Willie10MTennesseeNovTyphoid FeverDr. Hanna
BERRY, Sarah23FMarriedArkansasMarchConsumptionDr. Phenix
DOTSON, Nora19FMarriedTennesseeMarchTyphoid PneumoniaDr. Hanna & Phenix
MOORE, Sallie J.28FMarriedTennesseeAugustChildbed FeverDr. Hanna
GIFFORD, Jesse58MMarriedTennesseeAugustConsumption
WATSON, Sallie60FMarriedTennesseeAprilDropsy of ChestDr. Hanna
WILLIAMS, James35FMarriedMissouriJanPneumoniaDr. McCoy
BIRD, Sallie80FWidowMissouriAprilDiarrheasDr. Magness
BORDEN, George5MTexasJulyDiseaseDr. J. C. McCoy
ADAMS, Elijah22MSingleTexasJuneChronic Inflammation of LiverDr. McCoy
WALTERS, Munroe20MSingleTexasAugustInflammation of BrainDr. McCoy
LITTLE, John 30MBlackMarriedTexasMayMalarial FeverDr. Mangum & McCoy